Special Considerations When Choosing a Roofing Material for a Moderne Bungalow

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Moderne bungalow is an architectural style that marries the quaint size and basic lines of a bungalow with the Art Deco-esque elements of the moderne style. Architectural features of the moderne bungalow include curved exterior walls with stucco siding, asymmetrical windows that are often rounded, and a flat-sloped roof that doesn't detract from the home's stunning lines.

Do you own a moderne bungalow that needs roof replacement or roof repairs? Consider a few special factors pertaining to the flat roof style as you discuss your options with your roofing contractors.

Focus on Drainage and Waterproofing

Despite the name "flat roof," no roof style is completely flat. If a roof were completely flat, there would be a stagnant rooftop pool every time it rained. A flat-slope roof does have a slight slope that helps moisture move off the roof and down the drains. But depending on the climate in your area and the level of slope on your roof, your moderne bungalow's roof might have problems getting the water off fast enough.

Choose a roofing material that can both help that water move off the roof faster and offer some waterproofing to prevent damage if water does have to sit on the roof for an extended period of time.

Metal roofing offers a great two-in-one option if you choose the standing-seam plank version of a material. These long, narrow planks each have two raised sides with a valley in between. When the roofers install the planks, the sides are snapped together to create a waterproofed seam and a series of valleys that helps deliver the water off the roof.

Avoid Ornamentation—You Can't See the Roof from the Ground

Even with the relatively short height of a bungalow home, you can't see the top of the flat roof from the ground. This means that you don't want to choose a roofing material based on its visual appeal. A few of the more visually appealing roofing materials, namely wood and clay tiles, can actually make your rooftop water issues worse.

Wood shakes or shingles both have a thick texture that creates gaps when the shingles are installed on the roof. On a steep sloping roof style like a gable, these gaps actually help the falling water pass through the roofing and make it into the drains. On a flat roof, these gaps offer a place for the water to get stuck and potentially cause water damage. Clay tiles offer a similar problem.

Consult a company such as DiRoma Roofing for more personalized information about what kind of material might be right for you. 


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