The Best And Worst Roofing Materials For The Modern Bungalow

Posted on: 17 August 2016

The word "bungalow" might bring to mind a quaint, rectangular home with simple lines and minimal ornamentation. But while the Modern Bungalow does borrow the small size from a bungalow, the details are more Art Deco than simple rustic. From the curved walls to the porthole windows and the stark siding, usually done with stucco or stucco and faux stone, the only simple part of the Modern is its flat roof style.

If your Modern Bungalow home needs a replacement roof or roof repairs, there are a couple key materials that work best and a couple to avoid with the flat-style roof. Here are some options to discuss with a contractor like B & B Roofing.

Best: Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Flat roofs do, in fact, have slight slopes that keep rainwater and snow from simply sitting on top of your roof until it collapses. But if you live in an area that receives heavy rains or frequent dense snows you might want to invest in a roofing material that offers a higher degree of both drainage assistance and waterproofing. Standing seam metal roofing could meet both of those requirements.

The long metal planks attach at their sides to form an alternating pattern of vertical walls or seams and sunken, smooth-surfaced valleys. Those seams ensure that no water can get down between the planks and potentially cause damage to your roof. The valleys offer a quick exit path for any water that needs to reach the drainage system.

Best: Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Metal roofing works well on flat roofs but can come with a higher price tag than all homeowners can afford. If you need to save a few bucks will still helping your roof's drainage, consider asphalt shingle roofing.

The asphalt shingles do have a bit of a textured surface but install fairly flat, which can help the falling water pass over the shingles more easily en route to the drain. The shingles are lightweight and fit fairly tightly against one another, which can also offer a degree of waterproofing.

Worst: Wood Shingle Roofing

Wood shingles don't stylistically match the ultra-modern look of the Modern Bungalow – but that's not even the main reason to avoid this roofing material. After all, you can't see the roofing material on a flat roof from the ground.

Wood shingles have a natural texture both individually and when installed. The texture can trap water between the shingles where it can start to do damage to both the roof and the undersides of your shingles.

Worst: Slate Tile Roofing

If your Modern Bungalow has faux-stone siding, you might feel the urge to use real stone on the roof. But you would be wasting your money since, as mentioned, no one will be able to see the roof from the ground.

Slate does fair better than wood in this setting since the smooth tiles could help water drain off the roof. But you would save money and see better results with either metal or asphalt roofing.


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