Is Metal Roofing Right For You?

Posted on: 19 August 2016

If you are in need of a new roof, you may be wondering what kind of roof you should go with. There are several different kinds of material out there that you can choose from. One of them is a metal roof. There are several pros and cons to getting a metal roof. 

Metal Roofs

There are a number of kinds of metals that a roof can be made off. However, the most common materials are steel, tin, aluminum, and copper. Copper tends to be the most expensive of the different kinds of metal, so it's generally used more as a decorative feature than it is for the entire roof. For example, you may see it more on cupolas or domes than covering a whole roof. One benefit of choosing to use copper on any part of your roof is that it weathers nicely and develops a patina called verdigris. 

Pros of Metal Roofs

One pro of metal roofs is that it is fire-proof. This can be a very big pro if you live in an area that is prone to wildfires. The sparks from any fire will just slide off the roof because there is nothing that can catch fire. Another pro is that metal roofs are very long-lived. They can last for decades, up to 60 years and sometimes more. 

Metal roofs are also more energy-efficient, especially if you have a special coating put on it. The coatings can help to bounce the sun's rays off the roof. That helps to keep the house from heating up and causing your cooling bills to increase. 

Cons of Metal Roofs

One of the cons of metal roofing is that it tends to be more expensive than getting a shingle roof. However, since a metal roof can last longer than asphalt roof can, the price can even out over the lifetime of the roof. Depending on what kind of metal you have your roof made out of, you can run the risk of damage if anyone has to walk on the roof. If anyone has to be on your roof, they could also damage any coating you may have had put on the roof. 

If you have been thinking about getting a new roof, there are a lot of choices out there. One of them is to use a metal roof. Metal roofing may be the right thing for your house. Consult with roofing contractors in your area for more information.


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