How To Felt A Shed Roof

Posted on: 24 August 2016

If you are installing a shed roof, the roof needs to be sealed from water damage. Roofing felt, a paper material made from fiberglass material that has an asphalt coating, is commonly used to add a protective layer. It is installed on top of the decking.

You should be able to complete the installation felt paper yourself. Here are tips to install felt on a shed roof.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need the following:

  • ladder
  • work gloves
  • goggles
  • tape measure
  • chalk
  • broom or leaf blower
  • trash bin
  • utility knife
  • putty knife
  • roof felting nails
  • hammer
  • rolls of felt

An extension ladder or stepladder should be sufficient to work on a shed roof. Shed roofs aren't as steady as house roofs, so ensure it is safe to walk on and wear rubber soled shoes.

Set a trash bin on one side to dispose of debris. Climb the ladder, and sweep off debris, or run the leaf blower. Inspect the roof for loose nails and other sharp objects. Hammer in loose nails.

Measure and Mark

Measure the length and width of every plane of your roof to determine how much felt you need. Add the measurements of each plane for the square footage, and divide this by one-hundred to get total squares. A roll of felt commonly covers four squares, but add another several feet to account for overlap and waste.

Make a chalk line in three sections: the middle of the roof ridge and each side of the roof. Begin marking about thirty-three inches from the eave. Allow two inches of overhang on the eaves, and three inches of overlap on the gable ends. The overlap prevents water from getting into the wood decking.

Lay the Felt

Lay the felt on the sides first. Unroll the felt, and loosely hammer a nail in the middle to hold it in place as you unroll it.

Hammer in nails about every foot beginning at the bottom edge of the eave, and every three feet at the top edge. Pull the felt tight enough to keep it flat and check for wrinkles occasionally.

Leave the suggested overlap on the eaves and gable ends. Fold the overlap, and nail it down.

Cut extra felt with the utility knife. Lay the felt on the opposite side and on the ridge in the same manner. Leave four inches of overlap on the first layer, and leave a one-foot overlap on each side of the ridge.

The shed roof will last longer with roofing felt. If you don't trust your skill, or the roof is seriously damaged, contact a roofer like Homestreet Roofing Inc.


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