3 Tips To Help With A Durable Metal Roofing And Energy Efficient Roof Improvements

Posted on: 26 August 2016

Today, energy efficient home improvements are a great way to reduce energy costs and make your home environmentally friendly. It can also be a good solution for your home when maintenance like roof replacement is done. If you are replacing the roof on your home, you may want to consider using metal roofing and doing other improvements. Here are some tips to help you give your home an energy efficient design when you have metal roofing installed:

1. Starting With The Attic And Adding Roof Insulation To Reduce Energy Loss

When you are replacing your roof, there may not be much thought given to the attic. This is an area where you may want to start with improvements for energy efficiency. Before you even get started replacing your roof, you can add insulation to the attic to help reduce heat loss and make your home more energy efficient. This is something that you may even want to do yourself by adding an extra layer of batten insulation to the existing materials you have installed in your attic.

2. Protect Your Home And Improve Energy Efficiency With A New Underlayment

You may also want to protect your home with new underlayments when you have a metal roof installed. First, you can have a rigid insulation sheathing installed, which can help protect your home from heat gain with the metal roofing. In addition, a thick rubber membrane can be installed beneath the metal materials, which can help protect your roof from leaks and add to the insulation value of the underlayment materials.

3. Choosing A Metal Roofing Material That Helps Reflect Heat And Keeps Your Home Cool

One of the problems with metal roofing in the past was heat gain that it could cause. Today, this problem can be solved with new finishes for your roof. If you are going to have a metal roofing in an area with warmer summer climates, consider a metal roofing material that has a lighter color. This is a roofing system that will help reflect heat and keep your home cool during the hottest summer days. These coatings can also be a powder coating that helps to protect the metal from weathering problems, which will help ensure it lasts for generations.

With a good design, your metal roofing can give your home more energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. If you are ready to replace the roof on your home, contact a metal roofing contractor and talk with them about some of these improvements for your home. 


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