Cleaning Out Your Gutters? Make Sure You're Prepared With These Items

Posted on: 26 August 2016

If you want to ward off damage to your roof and the exterior of your home due to clogged gutters, this will mean you have no other choice than to clean your gutters a few times a year. While keeping your gutters clean is a fairly straightforward task, it is still one that can require a lot of work and will involve you trekking up on the roof, which can be dangerous. Before you grab a regular ladder and head up on your roof to clean the gutters, make sure you take these things with you.

A Basic Safety Harness - You may only be cleaning your gutters, but this will still involve you being several feet off of the ground as you scale around on the roof. Invest in a simple harness, which can be found at just about any hardware store, and use it to secure yourself to something sturdy (such as the chimney or a tree branch) when you get on the roof. 

A High-Pressure Water Hose Nozzle - Having a high-pressure water hose nozzle attached to your hose will help you push debris out of your gutters as you work. Just make sure whatever nozzle you choose has the ability to be shut off when not in use. 

Non-Slip Shoes - Scaling about on the roof will always mean that you need to have on a good pair of non-slip shoes. Look for shoes that have a heavy-tread sole to prevent you from sliding around on the roof while you work. You can also add a bit of traction to regular shoes by adding strips of masking tape to the sole. 

Leather Gloves - Not only can there be sharp objects hanging out in your gutters, but the edges of gutters themselves can also be hazardous. Plus, you don't want to inadvertently cut your fingers or hand on the edge of a metal roof or a piece of metal flashing while you work. So slip on a good heavy pair of leather gloves before you get started on your gutters. 

A Long-Handled Grabbing Tool - Use a long handled grabbing tool to pick up and remove as much as you can from your gutters before you even get on the roof. There are actually grabbing tools that have a hooked shape designed specifically for gutter cleaning from the ground. These tools can also be useful if you are cleaning your gutters from atop the roof. 

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