How To Install A Wooden Gable Roof Soffit

Posted on: 29 August 2016

If you have installed a gable roof (barn-style), add a soffit to enhance the look of your residence because it hides the joists and piping. Soffits are horizontal panels placed on the underside of the eaves. They can be made from wood, plastic, vinyl, or aluminum, but wood is the most common.

It doesn't require advanced skills to install wooden gable soffits. Here are tips to install wooden gable end soffits. .

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • leather work
  • gloves safety glasses
  • ladder or scaffold
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • paper
  • F-channel
  • circular saw
  • paint supplies (brush, pan, bucket, and latex paint)
  • wood soffit panels

Soffit edges are sharp so always wear heavy leather gloves and a long-sleeve shirt. Set a ladder on even, solid ground. Get someone to hold the ladder, if needed. Use a scaffold for a two-story house.

Make the Cuts

Measure the length of the sub-fascia ( open area on underside of the eave). Allow for overhang, which is commonly a foot.

Install the F-channel on the underside of the sub-fascia. The F-channel hides the cut corners, and braces the soffits. You will also notice grooves on the sides, which secure adjoining soffit panels.

The soffits are long panels, but they have ridges along the side that are placed perpendicular to the house. Cut soffit pieces the length of the sub-fascia with the saw, deducting one-eighth of an inch to allow for expansion.

This is a good time to paint the soffit panels to match the color of the house. Pour about an inch deep of paint in the pan, and fill another bucket with rinse water to rinse the brush between coatings. Paint the soffits in a "W" pattern. Let the first coat dry, add another coat, and let it dry.

Install the Soffits

Dry fit the pieces to ensure they fit the length of the sub-fascia. Insert the first soffit panel inside the F-channel; pushing a small portion outside the channel to prevent bending. Hammer a nail in the middle of the soffit, the hammer a nail on the edges of the soffit to secure it to the fascia.

Install the next soffit panel into the grooves of the first panel. Attach the rest of the panels in the same manner moving up the gable. Nail the final piece in the middle and on the sides. Install the soffits on the opposite side of the roof.

These tips should help you install gable soffits. However, working on roofs requires following safety procedures. If you don't trust your skill, or your roof is seriously damaged, contact a roofer.


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