What Are Steps In Getting A Rooftop Deck?

Posted on: 30 August 2016

A rooftop deck is a great way to maximize the space available to you, especially if you have a smaller yard that won't allow a traditional deck. Placing a deck on a rooftop allows you to get all the benefits of a deck while avoiding running afoul of setback or total usage ordinances. Before you run to the hardware store and start buying lumber and nails, you need to know whether your roof can hold a deck. Remember, it doesn't just have to support you, it has to support everyone that will be there, patio furniture, and if you live in a climate with snow, that added weight as well.

Consult a Professional

The best way to see if your roof can handle a deck is to hire a professional. You can do spot inspections yourself to see if there are any trouble spots such as broken tiles or saggy spots in your roof; however, a professional will be able to gauge just how much weight your roof can support. It is important to keep in mind the initial number a professional is going to give you regarding how much weight the roof needs to be able to support will be the minimum load bearing. If you plan on putting a fountain or heavy furniture on your rooftop deck, for example, the load bearing number will need to be adjusted.

Take Other Steps

Once you know that your roof can support a deck, or you know what sort of adjustments and reinforcing need to be done to get your roof ready, there are other steps you need to take before beginning construction. Once the deck is in place, getting to the roof underneath to repair it can be an issue. This is why you need a quality waterproofing plan in place. You can install membranes over the existing roof to protect it and prevent water damage. Another method is to install a hatch in the deck to allow access to the roof underneath for inspection and repair.

Before you build, you also get all the necessary permits in place. This includes a building inspection and submission of the contractor's plans. If you live in a subdivision with a Homeowner's Association, you need to check with them to ensure a rooftop deck won't violate those codes either.

A rooftop deck is a great way to maximize your enjoyment of all seasons. Whether it's stargazing at night or just basking in the sun during the day, it can add value and charm to your property. Just make sure you're doing it correctly to prevent costly repairs down the road. For more information, contact local professionals like Heritage Roofing Hawaii.


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