3 Essentials For Safety Equipment And Gear For Doing Your Own Roof Maintenance

Posted on: 21 September 2016

If you like to do maintenance around your home, consider taking a look at your roof, too. Before you get on the roof top, you want to make sure you are safe. This means that it may be time to invest in safety equipment, such as a good ladder, rope, and harnesses for your roofing maintenance tasks. Here is some of the essential safety equipment you will want to have ready before you get on your roof:

1. Getting The Right Ropes And Anchors For Your Fall Protection

There are many different types of ropes that you can buy for harnesses. The ropes that you use for your harness should be designed for construction. They are usually reinforced to prevent wear that can cut the rope. In addition, it is important to have enough rope to anchor and get around the roof. You may also want to have additional rope for a backup in case one gets damaged.

2. Buying A Harness That Fits You And Is Meant For Roofing Tasks

Harnesses are also important, and you want to have one that fits you. The harnesses that are used for roofing are a full-body harness that supports the upper and lower body. These are also meant to make getting around and doing work easier while you are wearing the harness. It is important to not use harnesses like those used for rock climbing, because these do not have the upper body support and will put you at risk for injury.

3. Ladders And Scaffolding For Maintenance Around The Roof 

Ladders should also be part of your roof maintenance safety gear. If where you access your roof is near a power line, a fiberglass ladder can be a good safety investment. In addition, make sure that it is taller than the areas where you will be accessing your roof. Scaffolding can be another good investment for roofing maintenance because it can make accessing the areas around your roof easier for chores like cleaning the gutters. There are also roof scaffold jacks that are nailed to the roof to make doing repairs easier.

Whether you are checking the roof for storm damage, cleaning the gutters, or patching a leak, having the right safety equipment is important. Not all the repairs will be something you can do yourself, you can contact a roofing contractor to help with some of the more difficult roof maintenance that needs to be done. 


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