3 Choices Of Roofing Materials To Give Your Home Fire Resistance

Posted on: 27 September 2016

There are several situations where you may benefit from a roof that is more fire resistant. This can be due to living in a rural area that is in danger of spreading wildfires, because homes that are built close together, or other risks for fire. The roof of your home is one of the most vulnerable areas when there is a fire near, and resistant materials can help stop a fire in its tracks. Here are some of the choices you may want to consider to give your home a more fire resistant roof:

1. The Best Fire Rating With A New Metal Roof For Your Home

If you want to have a roof with the most fire resistance, metal will be your best choice. Steel roofing has the highest fire rating of any materials and is an ideal choice for homes with significant risk of fire. If you live in a rural area that is at risk of wildfires, you may want to consider a metal roof, which will not only give you protection from fire, but will also give your protection from storm damage as well.

2. Slate And Tiles For More Fire Resistance For Your Home

Slate and other tile materials have long been a choice of material in dry climates around the world. This is because they are very durable materials that can withstand harsh climates. They also add fire resistance to your home and will not cash fire like conventional asphalt shingles and more traditional materials like shakes. If you want a home that is resistant to fire in a dry climate, a tile roof can be a great choice of roofing material for your home.

3. Modern Roofing Products Treated With A Fire Retardant For More Protection

There are also modern roofing products that are treated with fire retardants to make them resistant. One example of this is modern shakes that have a fire retardant treatment on them. This can help to make a real shake roof that is fire resistant. In addition to shakes, there are also synthetic composite shingles that have fire retardants in them to make them resistant to fire, which can be a good choice in areas where fire risks are high.

These are some of the options that you have to choose from to give your home fire resistant roofing. If you are ready for a new roof that can help protect your home from fire, contact a roofing contractor, such as Mid-Miami Roofing, Inc. 


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