Myths About Metal Roofing

Posted on: 17 October 2016

If you home needs roof replacement, you may have objections to using metal roofing material. That is because there are several myths about metal that cause homeowners to not consider it. Don't rule out metal until you know about some common myths about the roofing material.

Myth 1: Metal Roofing Won't Keep a House Warm

Metal roofing material will not cause your home to be less energy efficient, especially when you are heating your house in the winter. Factors like ventilation, insulation, and drafts play a much bigger factor when it comes to energy efficiency during colder months.

Myth 2: Metal Roofing Is Noisy

A misconception that homeowners often assume that a metal roof will make a lot of noise, especially when it is raining or hailing. You must understand that a metal roof on your home is not the same as the roof on a metal shed and that there are a lot of construction materials between the roof and the inside of your home that make the metal panels less noisy.

In addition, roofs made with metal are installed on top of existing roofs. This is yet another additional layer that helps dampen potential sound inside your home.

Myth 3: Metal Roofing Is Prone to Lightning Strikes

A metal roof will not make your home more prone to being hit by lightning during a storm. The metal material is not combustible, which actually makes it a safer material to have on a home if it is struck by lightning. A wood roof would instantly ignite in flames.

Myth 4: Metal Roofing Is Not Aesthetically Pleasing

While this myth is purely subjective, it is spread by homeowners that do not know what type of metal roofing options are available. You may be surprised to learn that a metal roof can come in different textures and colors and even simulate the look of cedar or asphalt shingles. A metal roof doesn't necessarily have to look like it is made with metal, and there could be an option out there that appeals to you.

Myth 5: Metal Roofing Cannot Be Walked On

Metal roofing will be able to support the weight of someone walking on the material. This is quite common on flat roofs when someone needs to perform routine maintenance, since those roofs are designed to be walked on. Of course, care needs to be taken so that the material is not damaged, but the same can be said of any roofing material.

If you have any other misconceptions about metal roofing you want cleared up, speak with your roofing contractor.


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