Three Tips For Boosting Your Roof's Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 26 October 2016

The roof that protects your home is easily one of the more important parts of your house. However, it is a reality that this part of the home can be a major source of energy inefficiency. For new homeowners, it can be easy to be uninformed about the various steps that can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of their roofs. Here are some tips:

Retrofit Your Home With A Cool Roof

Much of the heat gain that occurs through your roof will be a result of convective heating. This is heating that occurs due to the roof being exposed to the intense heat and light of the sun. Interestingly, it is possible to mitigate this type of heat gain through the use of reflective coatings. These coatings will prevent the roof from absorbing much of this heat, which can help to keep your home cooler on the hottest days.

Insulate And Seal The Attic

Improperly insulated and sealed attics can be another major source of heat gain that is overlooked. Fortunately, combating this problem is not particularly difficult or expensive, as insulation and caulk are both very affordable home improvement supplies. While you may be familiar with insulation, caulking any gaps or cracks in the attic may not be something that has occurred to you. In addition to preventing heat gain, this can also help to keep insects and other pests out of your home.

Upgrade To Insulated Glass For Any Skylights

Skylights can be an excellent option for improving the light and comfort inside your house. However, these windows can also be a source of heat gain, as they can trap the sun's intense heat inside your home. If you enjoy your skylights but want to prevent this source of energy efficiency, you should consider upgrading to insulated glass. This is dual-paned glass that has an insulating gas between the panes. While these skylights will be more expensive than conventional ones, the energy savings may more than offset the cost of this upgrade.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home will likely necessitate making some improvements to your roof. However, new homeowners may be unsure of the upgrades that they should make to achieve this goal. By appreciating the benefits that can come from investing in upgrading to a cool roof, sealing and insulating the attic, as well as upgrading your skylights to insulated glass panes, you can find that lowering your home's energy expenses is not as difficult as you might expect. For more information and options, contact professional roofers and contractors in your area. 


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