How to Repair Cracked Roofing Shingles

Posted on: 30 January 2017

If you have an asphalt roof that is aging, then you may notice some signs that the shingles are in a state of disrepair. Cracks in the shingles themselves is one indication that your roof is wearing down. It can cost about $9,000 to have your roof replaced, though. If you are not ready to spend this type of money on a full replacement, then you can repair cracked shingles. This is advisable, especially if the cracking is not a widespread issue. Keep reading to learn how to make your repairs.

Inspect the Shingles

Before you can start making repairs, you will want to inspect your shingles carefully. This will allow you to assess the damage. While simple cracks can be repaired fairly easily, shingles should be replaced if they are extremely damaged. When you are completing inspections, look for brittle shingles by gently bending the cracked shingle backward. If a permanent bend remains in the shingle, then it needs to be replaced. Also, if the shingle appears thicker than usual with a wavy appearance, then water has penetrated into the fibers of the shingle. These shingles are likely to cause leaks, so replacement is best.

Shingles that have pulled up from the deck as well as ones that have curled permanently along the edge should be replaced too. This is also true if the shingle looks crooked. Crooked shingles have come loose from their nail attachments, usually due to extensive ripping.

Make Your Repairs

If you are confident that your ripped shingles are only minimally damaged, then you can make your repairs. Start by purchasing a tube of roofing sealant. There are several different sealants you can buy that will work for your needs. Asphalt and polyurethane sealants are both good choices. 

Place the tube of sealant in a caulk gun and use a broom or brush to remove any and all debris from the cracked shingle. Pull up the shingle gently and remove dirt in this area as well. Squeeze the trigger on the caulk gun to release a bead of the sealant underneath the crack. Press the shingle down to adhere it to the sealant. Spread a bead of caulk over the crack as well. 

The sealant will cure on its own once it is applied. It is best to make your repair on a warm and sunny day so the material will dry quickly. Before you climb off your roof though, look in one of your gutters for a few roofing granules. They typically come off the roof and remain in your gutter until you clean them. Sprinkle the granules over the top of the sealant. This will help to hide the repair area. Talk to a company such as Surface Shield Protective Coatings to learn more. 


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