Annual Inspections, Cleaning, And Repairs Prolong The Life Of Your Commercial Roof

Posted on: 29 January 2019

Commercial roofing materials are durable, and they can last for many years if they're properly maintained. However, the key to a long life for your roof is to have regular inspections and repairs done. Even if an inspection finds no signs of damage that needs repairs, the inspection is worth the money spent because catching problems early can avoid much more expensive damage that happens when problems aren't caught in time. Here are some commercial roofing services that keep your roof in good shape.

Identify Potential Problem Areas

Some parts of a roof are more vulnerable to damage than others. If your building has an HVAC unit on the roof, then your roof probably has regular foot traffic on it that might cause damage. Plus, areas around protrusions and vents have a high risk of developing leaks and these need to be checked regularly. Also, storms might damage a commercial roof even though the material is usually tough and able to withstand winds and debris hitting the surface. Commercial roofs are often flat, and the flat surface allows debris and water to accumulate and create problems. A commercial roofer knows what parts of the roof to inspect closely for early signs of damage and will include findings in a report for you to study to determine if you want to have repairs done.

Clean The Roof

Cleaning the roof about once a year is a good practice especially if there are trees nearby that drop leaves or twigs on the surface. The roofing crew can sweep off debris so it doesn't hold moisture on the roof and possibly damage the roof if walked on. If water has collected, it will be removed and dried so the roof under it can be inspected for water damage. If the roof has a slope, leaves and debris may need to be cleaned out of valleys and gutters.

Repair Damaged Areas

If leaks are found, then they are patched so rain won't seep under the roofing and get the deck damp. All types of roofing can be patched, even metal roofing. However, if a large damaged area is found, then the roofer may need to replace part of the roof rather than patch it. The type of roofing material involved might be a factor to consider along with the age of the roof.

While annual inspections, cleaning, and repairs can keep your commercial roof going for many years, at some point, it will be time to replace the roof. Eventually, UV exposure, foot traffic, and the weather will wear down the roofing and you'll have to replace it. If your roof is fairly new now, you may not have to replace it for decades, but if it is several years old, then you should plan ahead for the time when the roof needs to be replaced so you can do it before the roof fails and your building sustains water damage.


Time for a New Roof?

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