Three Solid Reasons To Use Metal Roofing

Posted on: 17 June 2019

Every homeowner will eventually have a time where their roof needs to be replaced. You'll have several options when this happens, where you can make a safe choice or go down a different path. Many homeowners replace a roof with similar materials because it is what they are familiar with and they know how it will perform. However, a roof replacement brings an opportunity to use a new material that could provide more benefits to your home that were not there before. Here are some solid reasons for using metal roofing material for an upcoming roof replacement.

Fire Resistance

Do you have concerns about the overall safety of your home? If so, this is one area where metal roofing material can have a huge advantage over competing products. Metal provides fire resistance to your home in two main ways. The first is from external threats that can set your home on fire. Think of a neighbor that has their house catch on fire, and how stray embers can float over to your home and land on your roof. These stray embers are not a threat when you have a metal roof.

If your own home catches on fire, metal roofing will provide protection to the home's overall structure. The roof plays a key role in holding the home together, and other roofing materials will break down quickly and potentially cause your house to collapse.


Metal doesn't have to be the metallic gray color that you are likely thinking of. Metal can be painted any color that you wish so it can match the aesthetics of your home. This makes metal a versatile material compared to others that are out there since the material can essentially be any color that you want. You can even change the color later on with a fresh coat of paint, so you won't be limited to the color of the material that you installed on your roof.


While metal roofing will cost more than asphalt shingles will, know that it can save you money over time. Metal roofing will last longer than those cheap materials, leading to you spending less on your roof over the years. With other materials, you'll probably end up paying for cheap materials in the form of premature roof replacement, but that will not be a problem if you use metal roofing.

Think you want to use metal roofing for your roof replacement? Reach out to a local roofing contractor for assistance.


Time for a New Roof?

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