The Benefits Of Commercial Metal Roofing Coating

Posted on: 17 July 2019

The panels of your metal roof came from the factory with a protective coating, but the coating wears away after several years of exposure to the weather and sun. That makes your roof vulnerable to UV damage and rust. The solution for this problem is to have new coating applied. By having new coating put on your roof, you prolong its life by preventing rust. These are some of the benefits of having a new commercial metal roofing coating put on your old roof.

Metal Roofing Coating Is Cheaper Than A New Roof

When your roof develops widespread rust, a replacement is usually not far away. You don't want a commercial roof to leak and cause water damage or interfere with your operations. A coating can often be applied over a roof with a lot of rust as long as the rust hasn't eaten through the metal. Ideally, you'll apply a coating to your metal roof before rust has a chance to take hold, but when you're faced with a rust problem, a coating is a much less expensive way to handle the situation than putting on a new roof.

Applying A Coating Is Not Too Disruptive

Another benefit of a metal roof coating is that it isn't too disruptive to your normal building routine when compared to getting a new roof. You won't have to shut down during the procedure. The coating is applied with a spray gun, so there isn't a lot of heavy equipment to get in the way of your workers or customers.

A Roof Coating Prolongs The Life Of Metal Roofing

A roof coating is sprayed over the surface of your metal roof once the metal has been cleaned. The coating seals seams between panels so they won't leak and it covers screw heads to keep them from getting loose and leaking. In addition, the coating seals off rusted areas and acts as an inhibitor so rust won't spread. The existing rust is covered with a white coating that makes the roof more attractive. This white coating reflects UV rays to keep the roof cooler and prevents further UV damage to the roof. A coating can even protect against hail strikes, so your metal roof will have complete protection against rain, storms, and sun exposure. This protection will extend the life of your metal roof so you can postpone replacing it for as long as possible.

A commercial metal roofing coating will last for many years, but it gradually wears away as it sacrifices itself to protect your roof. A new coating can be applied when needed so there is no lapse in protection. By applying a coating to your roof before it has any damage and by adding new coating when it's needed, your metal roof will have the best protection and chance at a long life with no leaks or rust.


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