Three Quick Remedies For Basement Foundation Repair Needs

Posted on: 11 December 2019

When it comes to protecting your home, there are some repairs that shouldn't ever be ignored. Primarily, any damage involving the main structure of the home--the roof, the outer walls, and the foundation--should not be ignored. When it comes to the foundation of your home, in particular, it can be easy to ignore what appears to be minor damage, but minor damage can be the sign of something bigger. It's best to pay attention to what's going on in your basement and on the outer parts of the foundation and to repair leaks, cracks, and holes immediately. There are a few ways basement foundation repairs can help fix problems fast.

Filling Holes and Cracks When They Start

If you've noticed some water in your basement, it could be the result of minor damage to your foundation walls. Small holes and cracks and let water in. It's not uncommon for foundations to develop minor cracks and holes after a home is built. This type of damage may not be the result of a bigger problem, and a contractor who deals with foundation repair can patch the holes and cracks by filling them with concrete and smoothing over the area to look like the rest of the foundation. This may need to be repeated every once in a while as small damage appears due to severe weather or minor settling issues. This type of repair usually can be done within a few hours, and it will help you maintain a nice aesthetic to your home's outer appearance. It will also prevent minor damage from spreading any further and creating bigger issues.

Seal the Concrete Following Repairs

One of the most important things any homeowner should do following any concrete repair is to have it sealed. The concrete contractor who repairs your foundation can do this for a relatively low cost. You can request a bid to have minor damage repaired and your entire foundation and basement area sealed. This prevents new water damage from occurring. Understand, however, that sealant needs to be reapplied. How frequently depends on the type of sealant, but usually every couple of years will keep the sealant strong and effective.

Prop Up Sinking Issues Quickly 

Aside from fixing and preventing small damage, isolated sinking issues can be addressed relatively quickly. Major settlement issues may require pillars to be installed below the surface of your foundation, and that's a major repair, but smaller settling issues that cause an unevenness in different corners of the home can be quickly stopped. This is done using equipment that injects a foam-like material just below the uneven area. It can be done without any major excavation or expense. The injected material hardens and will prop up a corner of the home that has settled more than other parts and be a support for a long time.

By addressing smaller issues and doing some basic preventative maintenance, your foundation will stay strong and keep your investment safe. Foundation issues can cause a lot of problems for a home. Some of those problems could potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars to remedy. It's better to spend less now and stop problems from spreading.

For more information, contact a foundation repair company.


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