Residential Roofing Solutions To Give Your Home A Custom Slate Roof

Posted on: 20 November 2020

When choosing roofing materials, slate is one of the most attractive materials for a luxury home. Today, slate roofing options include natural stone tiles, as well as several alternatives that can replace conventional shingles. The following residential slate roofing options are some of the choices.

New Construction with Elegant Stone Tiles

The best way to install slate tiles is to build a home that is designed for slate roofing. The design of a new home can be a custom plan for slate roofing. Some things to consider about new construction with slate roofing include:

  • Foundation design with footing beams to support the stone tiles  
  • Timber roof structure design for better support for slate roofing
  • Engineered lumber beams for roof bracing for a sturdy roof structure

The roof structure has to have a design that can support these stone materials. When you start with a design to support the roof, you will not have any problems with loads.

Replacing Your Old Shingles with Synthetic Slate

Old shingles will eventually need to be replaced, and you may want a more custom look like slate. Since shingles are lighter materials, you also need slate alternatives that can be used to replace the old shingles. Synthetic slate materials are a great option to replace shingles. No extra work will be needed since the materials are installed in the same manner as conventional shingles.

Metal Shingles That Look Like Slate Tile Roofing

Another option to consider for the look of slate is modern stamped metal shingles. There are many different styles of metal shingles, which include slate-style products. These materials are durable and fire-resistant. The metal shingle option is great for rural homes that are at risk due to wildfires. Slate-style metal shingles are also light, which means they can also be used to replace asphalt shingles.

Stone Tiles That Give Your Look of Slate for Less

Lastly, there are stone tiles that can be used as slate alternatives. These materials are often natural stone like limestone, which is more affordable. The natural stone products will need to have the same structural support as real slate tiles. Therefore, they work best on new constructions or after renovations if they are replacing asphalt shingles.

These are slate roofing options that can be used to give your home the custom look of a luxury home. Call a residential roofing service and talk to them about the best options for slate tiles. 


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